Mundra LPG Terminal Pvt. Ltd

Gujarat, India, 2019


Ports & Terminals


Design, engineering, supply, project management, installation testing, commissioning handing over of the following firefighting system for entire LPG jetty and terminal.

Scope of Work

Foam water-based fire hydrant system

Remote operated tower monitor with PLC system having 680 wired input/output (1/0) and 20% spare auto/remote MVWS system

FDA system with graphical user interface

Control room clean agent gas suppression system

Battery room gas detection system

Local control panel and remote-control instrumentation panel

The above-mentioned system has been designed and executed based on the latest OISD norms and incorporating PESO requirements.

Silent Features

Design engineering, supply, project management, installation, testing, commissioning and handing over of the followings, sea water pump house with structural/civil works, 6 Nos. of diesel engine vertical pump of 1050 Cu-Mtr/Hr, 130 MWC.

Piping with inside coro coating (glass flake epoxy), MCC panel, control panels, cabling 8- termination, valve, NRV, PRV, control valve, flow meter, strainer.

Business Vertical

Industrial EPC

Howe Engineering Projects India Pvt. Ltd

Tamil Nadu, India

Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited

Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan, India