Terna River Rejuvenation,

Terna River is the main source of water required for irrigation to the Osmanabad, Ter, and Ausa areas of Maharashtra. S&W has helped in desilting 700m of the Terna river bed.

Impact: The mud and silt collected were used by the farmers to increase the productivity of the farmland. The desilting increased the level of the water table and the river’s capacity to store water. This solved for the availability of drinking water for 2 villages and increased farmland productivity from 3 to 4 per quintal to 8 to 9 per quintal.


Drinking Water Project,
Osmanabad, Maharashtra

In partnership with Eureka Forbes, we provided 2 RO plant at Chilwadi, Maharashtra. This Plants provide safe drinking water to the local community.

Impact: Control over waterborne diseases like diarrhoea, malaria, cholera and typhoid, especially during the monsoons; with 1500 families benefited and an increase in employment for 3-4 villages.