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Hybrid Microgrids

Hybrid microgrids use renewable and conventional power generation, reducing operating expenses while optimizing system reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Technology advances and cost and capability improvements now make them economically sound options.

Complementary Technologies

  • Combine benefits of renewable and conventional power while offsetting weaknesses
  • Offer potential for CHP and flexibility to convert heat to steam, hot or chilled water
  • Can balance seasonal swings by combining CHP and solar, and by storing surpluses

Technology Virtues

  • Gensets deliver reliable, fully dispatchable energy to balance renewable sources
  • Modular units (350 kW–15 MW) can combine for large, flexible systems to meet variable load conditions

System Integration

  • Simpler control of combined renewable/conventional generation and greater stability than utility grids
  • Digital controls and energy storage enable full deployment of renewable resources with consistent voltage, frequency and kVAR control