Elegantly efficient room-in-room data centres

Modular security system for your IT infrastructure

These high quality IT security rooms offer maximum security to data centres. Apart from the bespoke design, they offer a wide variety in optional equipment too.

They are protected against fire, fire-fighting water, corrosive gases, vandalism, unauthorised access, eavesdropping/radiation, noise, dust and debris.

DC-IT Room GranITe

  • ECB-S certification and type test acc.
    to EN 1047-2
  • Explosion protection EXR 3
  • Scalable from 2 sqm to over 1,000 sqm
  • Compliance with the Bitkom category
    C and D security standards and the
    BSI recommendations
  • Investment security due to mobility

DC-IT Room QuartzITe 9.3/9.0

  • System-tested E190 or E190 Plus protection
  • Variable in height, width and depth
  • Can be dis- and reassembled during operation
  • Constructional IT protection according to Bitkom DC category A and B, BSI, EN 50600