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Making the Solar PV plant more Flexible and Dispatchable

Sterling and Wilson Solar, always ahead of the market needs and future trends, started investing in the idea of Energy Storage from 2018. Today, with over 50 MWh of Energy Storage systems in Solar PV based Hybrid Projects, we have also developed an in-house expertise in designing the Container/ Prefab/ RCC-based Energy Storage Solutions, partnering with the leading battery manufacturers and Energy Storage Solution providers.

Our Offerings

  • Technology Agnostic Energy Storage
    Solutions (Lithium, Flow Battery, Sodium,
    Advanced Lead Acid etc.)
  • AC Coupled Energy Storage Solutions
    in Solar PV Plants
  • DC Coupled/Distributed Storage
    Solutions in Solar PV plants
  • Solar PV Tracker mounted Energy
    Storage Solutions
  • Advanced CFD Analysis & Thermal
    management of battery containers/
  • Inhouse Manufacturing of Energy
    Storage Containers
  • Operation & Maintenance of the Solar
    PV + Storage Plants
  • Performance Analysis and Battery
    Augmentation Solutions