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We help you extract
the maximum energy from
a single fuel.

With 1800MW+ of power plants installed globally, our Open cycle, Combined Cycle, CHP, Gas, and Liquid Fuel-based power plant solutions enable simultaneous production of double or triple energy from a single fuel source.

The overall efficiency can extend over 85% while providing you the flexibility to work with multiple fuel sources and cater to diverse industrial applications.

Call it magic? Call it Cogen.

Over 2x efficiency vs.
conventional systems

Our Offerings

  • Open cycle, Combined cycle, CHP, Gas, and Liquid Fuel-based power plants
  • IPP solutions for both on-grid and off-grid power plants
  • Flexible and expandable power generation solutions for reliable 24x7 grid stability and complex power requirements
  • Power generation from biomass, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, and other urban waste
  • EPC and Energy conservation solutions from 0.3 MW to 300 MW plants

Our Expertise

  • Customized solutions
  • Financing support
  • End-to-end solutions for Capacity, Market/Demand response, Biomass/Waste, and Microgrids
  • Turnkey approach - from client consultation and feasibility study to project commissioning and O&M

achivements What sets us apart

achivements What sets us apart


Convention Centre, Kolkata

Oil India Limited, Assam


Technology-agnostic, customized solutions

Regulatory compliance and lower emissions

Lowest total cost of ownership

24/7 dependability

Global presence with established subsidiaries in the US, Italy, Australia, Nigeria, and UAE

1800MW+ of gas-based power plant installation experience

A strong team of experts onboard with 20+ years of experience


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