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Project Brief:

Connaught place is the heart of India’s capital and heritage shopping and office complex. Before Common Wealth Games, it was planned to re-develop the complex with all modern technology which will match to all international and luxury standards. Project was awarded to Sterling and Wilson Private Limited as a consortium partner with Afcons Ltd to complete the work within 18 months. We provided fire protection provision for each and every corner of the complex, escalators, service tunnel, drinking water supply, ventilation system, CCTV, electrical supply, drainage work, public toilets with all modern amenities.

Our Scope:

Electrical: Structural & Finishing Works including Electrical Fire Fighting, Fire Deduction, CCTV work and others for service corridor in middle circle of Connaught Place.

HVAC: HVAC team of Sterling and Wilson Private Limited had the responsibility of providing the ventilation of newly constructed tunnel in the middle circle of Connaught Place. Ventilation of tunnel in the middle circle of Connaught Place has been provided by the use of 20 air washers, 26 reversible fans, 41 dual speed fans, 39 jet fans with necessary ducting and controls for fire protection. There are 8 transformer rooms inside the tunnels which are ventilated by the air washers and dual speed fans selected for the adequate rating as per the numbers of transformers in each transformer room.

Fire Fighting: Yard hydrant system in entire complex such as outer circle, middle circle and inner circle, yard hydrant stand post with Hose Box with all related accessories, automatic MVW system in tunnel controlled by deluge valve to protect cable rack and transformers were given. Automatic fire pump room, annunciation panel and signage were installed.

Security and Fire Alarm Systems: CCTV, fire alarm, public address system and access control.

Project Name

Re-development including Electrical, HVAC and Fire Fighting work




18 Months


Engineers India Ltd.

Scope of Work

Electrical, HVAC, Fire Fighting, Security and Fire Alarm Systems