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Project Brief:

FIFC – First International Financial Centre with 2B + G + 14 floors in BKC – the new business address in Mumbai. The site is situated 15 km from the international airport and has total built up area of 63458 sq. mtr. The project has following unique features:

  • Green building (LEED Certification : Gold)
  • High quality indoor air quality through electronic filters & UV light
  • High quality water filtration system to avoid scaling in condenser
  • Fully automated Building Management System
  • Fully automated Fire Alarm System
  • PA System
  • Facade cooling

Our Scope:


Total load : 7264 kW with 3 nos. 1750kVA, 1 no. 1500kVA & 1 no. 500kVA 22KV / 433V Transformers, 22 KV / 630 AMPS VCB Panel, DG sets – 3 nos. 2000 KVA / 433 V for common services, 1 no. 2250kVA on B1 floor & 2 nos. 1010kVA on 1st Floor, Electrical substation for supply company at ground level, Electrical LT distribution panel room at B1 level, approx. 63 km cable laid in the building in approx. 3.5 KM cable tray.

Electrical features of the project:

  • All electrical equipment and also supply provider substation arranged within the building
  • Individual and separate duct / shafts available for low voltage and high voltage
  • Dedicated back up supply by transformer as well as by generator to common services and tenants
  • Separate supply company metering available for tenants
  • 22 KV ring main supply connected to building
  • 2000 KVA x 3 nos DG sets located at basement 1 and giving full back up to common services
  • 22 KV * 1750 KVA x 3 nos. dry type transformers supplying power to all common services and located at ground floor, 1500kVA x 1 no., 500kVA x 1 no. on the 1st floor
  • All electrical main distribution panels are located in basement 1




  • HVAC system Tonnage : 1800 TR
  • Ducting : 1,25,000 SQ. FT.
  • PIPING : 5 KM


Air-conditioning System:

The total cooling requirement for the project is catered by 500 TR x 2 Nos water cooled centrifugal chillers and 400 TR x 2 Nos air cooled chillers. The water cooled chillers are located in the plant room at B1 basement and air cooled chillers are located at the terrace floor. The water is circulated in the system through primary variable pumping system. The condenser water pumps for base building and the tenant area are also located at B1 level plant room. The SS cooling towers are located at the terrace. Auto side screen filtration system is provided for condenser and chilled water to maintain the water quality. The chilled water from air cooled and water cooled chiller flows through a common header and further distributed to FCUs and AHUs. The fresh air to the AHU rooms is fed through TFA units located on the terrace & VAV boxes controlled by CO2 sensor in each AHU room to adjust fresh air requirement.

Ventilation System:

The exhaust for both the basements is carried out using dual speed JET fans and centrifugal exhaust fans. Under normal condition, the fans run at lower speed and in the event of fire fan is made to switch over to higher speed through PLC panel. The fresh air for the basement is taken through ramp and centrifugal cabinet type fresh air fans.

Fans for staircase / lift lobby pressurization , toilets, pantry and kitchen are also located at the terrace. The fans for the basement exhaust ( centrifugal) , lift lobby pressurization and staircase pressurization are variable speed type.

Also the ventilation for DG room , transformer room is provided through independent fans.


Plumbing services comprises of drainage and water supply for this facility.

  • Suspended drainage system – This consists of soil and waste disposal system. These are collected at the B2 through a header and discharged to STP. The waste is treated and collected in Flushing water tank. This is then distributed through the hydro pneumatics system for toilet flushing and Cooling tower makeup
  • Underground drainage – Underground drainage comprises storm water drain. During monsoon Storm water /rain water is collected at the roof level stored in a collection tank and transferred to Flushing tank through automatic filtration system
  • Surface drainage / Car wash at parking levels is collected and discharged through storm water drainage

Water System:

  • Domestic water – BMC water is collected at the underground tanks and transferred through hydro-pneumatic system for domestic use such as hand wash basin, pantries, drinking purpose and the like
  • Flush water system – Water will be collected from STP and rain water harvesting and transferred through hydro pneumatic system for flushing in WC’s, Makeup of Cooling tower & irrigation
  • Rain water harvesting system – During monsoon, the rain water is collected at various points and brought to the holding tank located at B2 level. This water is passed through the automatic filtration process and stored in flush water tank. This recycled water is used for flushing


Fire Fighting System:

The scope includes:

  • External Hydrant system for Groung floor
  • Internal Hydrant system for each floor
  • Sprinkler system on each floor
  • Portable Fire Extinguiser on each floor

The main fire tanks are located in basement 2 near the pump room. The pump room consists of sprinkler pump, hydrant pump, diesel pump and jockey pumps. The booster pumps are located on the terrace. The entire fire fighting system comprises of sprinkler and hydrant system. Also water curtain system is used in the basements. The transformer rooms, DG room is provided with CO2 based fire suppression system.

Low Voltage System:

Our Scope:
The BMS architecture shall comprise of:

  • Operator Interfaces comprising PC-based workstations
  • Controllers with inputs and outputs (I/O) for controlling central plant and air handling systems with customable control sequence, data collection (metering/trending)

Fire alarm system and public address system are provided in the premises. In case of fire, fire alarm system gives signal to BMS system which in turn activates all necessary signals to prevent fire and to notify occupants through public address system.

Project Name

First International Finance Centre (FIFC), Mumbai


Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai


10 months


MEP Consulting Engineers (for MEP services)


Kohn Pedresen Fox Associates PC architects & planning consultants


Altus Page Kirkland


300 days

Project Completed on

June 2012