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Project Brief:

TCL has setup a state of the art data center in GK1, Delhi. The facility is ‘Mission Critical’ in nature. The building is designed on green building principles for achieving LEED GOLD rating. The project consists of one data centre building of ground + 5 floors and one service building. The total built up area of the project is 2.16 lac sqft. The redundancy as per TIER III requirement is planned for the building along with equipment selection to meet the LEED certification criteria. Air cooled chillers with partial free cooling of chilled water is planned for use. Data center application being critical in nature which requires zero shutdown even during maintenance has been set up with dual set of piping to ensure the same.

Our Scope:

The scope of work includes primary – secondary pumps, air handling units, fans, piping, ducting and insulation works. Equipment selection was based on power consumption to meet LEED requirement. Ease of maintenance and operation was given due importance, while planning equipment placement. The system is designed in such a way so that the temperature of the data center is maintained at 14C/20C and the temperature of the office space is maintained at 9C/15C.

Project Name

HVAC work for TCL


New Delhi


12 months




C Ramchandani Consulting Engineers

Scope of Work