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Project Brief:

The erstwhile Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board which came into existence in 1959 was responsible for Generation,Transmission and Distribution of Electricity.Under Electricity Sector Reforms agenda,Government of Andhra Pradesh promulgated Andhra Pradesh Electricity Reforms Act,1998.The erstwhile APSEB was unbundled into one Generating Company (APGENCO),One Transmission Company(APTRANSCO) and Four Distribution Companies (APDISCOMs) as part of the reform process.
APTRANSCO came into existence on 1.02.1999.From Feb 1999 to June 2005 APTRANSCO remained as Single buyer in the state-Purchasing power from various Generators and selling it to DISCOMs in accordance with the terms and conditions of the individual PPAs at Bulk Supply Tariff(BST) rates.Subsequently, in accordance with the Third Transfer Scheme notified by GOAP,APTRANSCO ceased to do power trading and has retained powers of controlling system operations of Power Transmission.

Construction of 3 nos 63 MVA, 400 kV reactor bays at Mamidipally, Kurnool and Vizag.

This package consists of addition of one no 63 MVAr 400 kV reactor bay each at Mamidpally,Kurnool and Vizag.

Our Scope:

Engineering, procurement, Erection,Testing and Commissioning of 63 MVAr, 400 KV Shunt Reactor Bays on Turnkey basis at Mamidipally, Kurnool and Vizag 400/220 KV Sub-stations. Scope includes supply of 400 kV substation equipment like circuit breaker, isolator, CT etc, complete Civil and installation work.

Project Name



Mamidipally, Kurnool and Vizag


9 Months