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L&T Power Madhya Pradesh

Project Brief:

L&T Power is executing complete EPC Package for 2X660MW TPP –Sree Sanghaji TPP stage-2. From this, L&T Power has awarded construction power package to Sterling and Wilson which includes supply, installation, testing, commissioning and civil work.

Our Scope:

This included engineering, supply, installation, testing, commissioning of:
A) 3KV Receiving Substation :
33/11.5 KV-3MVA power transformer – 2 Nos, 33KV-2000A O/D VCB, 33KV CT/PT, control panel and battery charger, 33KV cable and cable end termination kit, 11KV switchgear, LT power and control cable.
B) 11/0.433KV Substation :
11/0.433KV-1000KVA power transformer-2 Nos, 11/0.433KV – 850KVA power transformer, installation of 11/0.433KV-500 KVA power transformer-10 No, 11KV- 400A, 25 KA, RMU-13Nos, 11KV cable and termination kit.
C) 11KV Distribution System and 415 V Distribution System
D) Civil Work related to 33KV and 11KV Substation :
Fencing of S/S, control and switchgear room, drain work for S/S, foundation for transformer, RMU, Pole and others.

Project Name

Construction power package including supply, erection, testing, commissioning and civil work for Shree Sanghaji TPP-2X660MW Stage II-L&T Power


Khandwa, Malwa, Madhya Pradesh


8 months


L&T- S&L

Scope of Work

Electrical work for construction power for 2X660MW thermal power plant