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Project Brief:

This project is of Ministry of External Affairs was awarded to TCS. Part of the project was offloaded to TCL which further offloaded the Data Center infrastructure part of project to Sterling and Wilson. The Data Center of 3000 sq. ft. is on first floor. The electrical system and cooling is designed as per Tier 3. For backup dedicated DG are provided.

The project has following unique features:

  • Area 3000 sq. ft.
  • Total racks capacity 65 nos.
  • Electrical system designed for Tier 3
  • UPS installed in N+N redundancy mode
  • PAC’s installed in N+1 redundancy mode
  • Civil architecture developed for Tier 3
  • Rack level monitoring of power
  • Fully automated Building Management System
  • PA system

Our Scope:


  • SITC of 3X400 KVA HT Transformers
  • SITC of 2 x 625 KVA DG Sets
  • SITC of 2 x 300 KVA UPS Systems
  • SITC of Main HT, LT and Distribution Panels
  • SITC of Intelligent PDUs of 6 x 100 KVA with K -13 Isolation Transformers
  • Earthing
  • Power Cabling from grid to rack

Electrical features of the project:

  • The mains power is fed through 2 nos. of 400kVA transformers. The main power is backed by 2 nos. of dedicated 625 KVA DG sets. Redundant panels and ATS changeover provided for greater redundancy. The ATS used is a ‘’make before break switch’’
  • The redundant PAC panels give power redundancy to the each PAC. The UPS’s are fed through 2 separate LT panels. The UPS output in N+N configuration is fed to separate PDU’s. These PDU give power to racks connected through IP44 power sockets
  • Separate 2 nos. of 5KVA UPS are installed to power the IBMS circuitry

Civil & Interiors:

  • Construction of all Utility Rooms
  • Raised Flooring & False ceiling
  • Vitrified Tiles for common Areas
  • Fire rated doors
  • Fire rated viewing glass pane
  • Fire rated partitions
  • Floor and ceiling insulation

The bare shell was developed into UPS/electrical room, Battery room, Server room, NOC room using 2 hours fire rated partitions. There are separate rooms to house 2 UPS systems. Server room has False flooring of 600mm height and false ceiling. The doors of the Data Center have 2 hours fire rating capacity. The entry to the server room is through ramp. The view glass pane of 2 hour was provided for server room viewing.


  • Precision Air Conditioner of 17 Tr each – 5 nos.
  • Comfort AC for supporting areas.

Air-conditioning System:

Precision AC of 85Tr are installed in N+1 redundancy mode for temperature and humidity control. Temperature at 1 degC accuracy and humidity at 50%RH (with 5% permissible variation). These AC’s are provided with fresh water connection for humidification.
For the support areas 22 Tr Comfort AC’s provided.


The 300KVA UPS systems installed are in N+N mode. Both the UPS and their batteries are kept in separate rooms.

Integrated Building Management System:
Fire Alarm:

Analog addressable fire detection system installed for all the rooms of the Data Center. The detectors are integrated with FM200 system through cross zoning.


The server room is equipped with VESDA system for early detection of fire.

Fire Suppression System FM200:

Gas based Fire suppression system of FM200 installed for:

  • Server room area
  • Support areas like UPS/Electrical rooms, NOC room, Battery rooms

Access Control System:

Biometric finger print reader with proximity and pin provided for server room, electrical room, NOC room and battery room. The access control system is integrated with BMS.


CCTV system provided with PC with 16 channel IP based DVR. Both Verifocal and fixed dome cameras cover Server room, electrical room, NOC room, battery room and corridor leaving no blind spots.

Rodent Repellant:

Server room, electrical room, NOC room, battery room and corridor protected by rodent repellent system in all three voids, viz. below false floor, above false ceiling and middle void.

Water Leak Detection System:

Water leak detection cable laid in the periphery of server room for providing alerts on water ingression/ leakage.

PA System:

Server room, electrical room, NOC room, battery room and corridor covered with public address system for annunciation purpose.


BMS system provided with a PC installed with WEBS BMS. Integrated power management at rack level. Temperature and humidity sensors fitted inside server room for environment monitoring.

Project Name

Data Center of Passport eSeva for Ministry of External Affairs (GOI )


Saraswati Vihar, New Delhi.


12 weeks

Project Information

3000 sq. ft. Data Center

Project Completed on

July 2009