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Waste to Heat & Power Solution

Renewable Energy

Solution provided with both Gas Turbines / Reciprocating engines.
Waste Material can be any of the following depending on Methane and Carbon dioxide content.

  • Municipal Waste-Liquid manure, Household Solid waste
  • Secondary-growth raw materials, e.g., corn silage, non-food grains
  • Sewage sludge and grease sludge
  • Biowastes from slaughter houses
  • Breweries and distilleries, fruit and wine press houses
  • Cellulosic wastes from Sugar and Dairy factories

The organic material is collected and sterilized to remove harmful germs and moved to the digester. The biogas produced in the digester is collected in a gas storage tank to ensure a continuous supply of gas independent of fluctuations in the gas production. Finally, the biogas is fed into a machine.
The end product from the fermentation of the biomass can be utilized as fertilizer.

Solution Advantage

  • About 60-80% of Municipal waste utilized-reduces land requirement, transportation costs, environmental costs
  • Environmental friendly solution-biomass is a CO2-neutral, renewable energy source
  • Highly efficient for on-site power and heat generation
  • The remaining substrate from the digester can be used as high-quality, agricultural fertilizer